Personalised Hair Colour Kit — DELIVERY SATURDAY

Only for guests who already have a file at the salon 

Local delivery is only available for the guests living in the Greater Montreal. We will contact you to set up the time of the delivery Saturday. 

Touch up your roots at home with our kits created by one of our colorists. We have included all necessary tools, a guide and a link to a detailed video for you to follow step by step in order to complete your colour application.

In the kit you will receive:

  • 1 color brush
  • 1 container to mix your colour
  • 1 pair of gloves (latex free)
  • 1 set of instructions
  • 2 links to a video

Please note that you must apply the mix the same day you receive it. 

For more informations about our Hair Colour Kit, contact us at (438) 507-4200

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